• Create a documentary film based on "Nati Hangarau: Technology - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

• All documentary films must be no longer than 5 minutes 30 secs including credits. 

• Films must be supplied on a) Mini DV tapes or as b) High Quality Quicktime or Avi files. Please download files to DVD, CD, Memory Stick or Mac-Compatible External Hard-drive.


• If you export more than one film to a mini-dv tape, please label the order the films appear in correctly.


What is a Documentary?

A film or television program, presenting scientific, cultural , political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner. And often consisting of visuals or interviews, accompanied by narration.

How to make a documentary?

Brainstorm ideas for your kaupapa.

•Pick one you are really interested in and then come up with a ten point plan. Ten points related to that kaupapa.
•From those ten points come up with your interview questions and script.
•Think about WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN & HOW and who you are going to interview.
•Create a story board. On one side have your script, on the other side draw the visuals.
•Use your story board to help you shoot your doco film.
•Be inventive and creative when filming your shots.
•If you dont have enough time or budget to film what you need, try and think of other ways to obtain what you want ( photos from an archive, radio broadcasts, recreations)
•To create narration or voice over for your documentary watch the visuals you have filmed and write down information you can use.

Examples of documentaries.

•The Story of Ruatepupuke about the wharenui Ruatepupuke which now resides at the Field Museum of Chicago.
•Maori TV, TVNZ, The Documentary and History channels and TV 3 always have good documentaries on. For shorter example of documentaries watch, Native Affairs or Marae on MTS.
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