Create a Radio Jingle based on the kaupapa,"Nati Hangarau: Technology - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

• All music and lyrics for the Radio Jingle must be original.
• The Radio Jingle must include lyrics and a copy must be attached with each entry, as well as any other information the judges may find helpful.
• The Radio Jingle must be no longer than 60 seconds duration.
• The Radio Jingle must include 50% – 100% dialogue ie. Singing or rapping.
• The Jingle may be in English, Maori or both.


• Students may use any type of instrument to accompany their vocals eg. Guitar, computer, keyboard or you can just have vocals.
• The jingle produced must sound ‘original.’ It should not sound like any other jingle you have heard.
• Students may enlist help for the recording process only, but the music and lyrics must be of the student/s only.
• The jingle MUST be saved in MP3 FORMAT and uploaded to a CD or memory stick.