• Create a music video based on "Nati Hangarau: Technology - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"
  • Music Videos must be 5mins and 30 secs or less. Music Vids over this time limit will be disqualified.
  • Films must be supplied  on a)  Mini-DV tapes or b) HIGH QUALITY AVI or QUICKTIME FILES downloaded onto Memory Stick, DVD or Mac-Compatible External Hard-drive.
  • If you export more than one film to a mini-dv tape, please label the order the films appear in correctly.


Music Video Helpful Advice

What is a music video?

A music video is a short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music, most commonly a song. Modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of CDs. The term "music video" first came into popular usage in the early 1980s Although the origins of music videos go back much further, they came into their own in this period when MTVs format was based around them.. Music videos use a range of filmmaking styles, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation and live action. ( description sourced from Wikipedia).

How to make a music video?

To create your own music video you need a song or a piece of music. Listen to the lyrics of the song or the music to decide what visuals you want to go along with it. Create a story board or a treatment ( brief description of what happens in the video) before you film it. Watch many music videos on Music Channels ( C4, MTV etc) or Music programmes ( Top 40) to get ideas for your own videos.

Some things to think about:

  • Does the song have a theme or kaupapa? Ie. Romantic, funny, angry etc
  • Is the song fast or slow? Does it have fast beats or a gentle melody?
  • What kind of genre is it? Hip Hop, Rock, Country etc.
  • Do you want to have the singers or people in your video lip syncing to the words of the songs? Or do you want to have actors or other images creating a story in your video?

Some examples of creative music videos.

One Shot Music Videos: These videos have no cuts in the editing and are filmed in one continuous take.

  • Miley Cyrus, Start All Over. The video involves a dream sequence in which Miley sings on the song while exploring a neighborhood street that is in the midst of carnival-like festivities, including bmx'ers performing stunts, dancers, and a man walking on stilts, and concluding with Miley performing on a stage with a band. When she wakes up, there is a picture of the man in stilts on her bedside table.
  • Tiki Tane, Always On My Mind. The video is filmed in one take inside a studio flooded with water, with a background of 500 lightbulbs formed in the shape of Tikis name. The camera slowly tracks closer toward Tiki as he is performing his song.

  • Cold Play, Yellow. The lead singer Chris Martin is walking along a deserted beach singing the song. At the beginning of the song it is dark and just before dawn. At the end of the song day light has broken and it is morning.

  • Spice Girls, Wannabe. The Spice Girls gate crash a party scene and interact with the guests while performing their song.

Cheaply Filmed Music Videos:

  • OK GO- Here It Goes Again. The video shows the band members of OK GO singing their song while running on and in between 4 treadmills. The video was very popular on You Tube before it screened on television.
  • Get Out Clause, Paper. Unable to afford a proper camera crew and equipment, The Get Out Clause decided to make use of the CCTV security cameras seen all over British streets. They set up their equipment, drum kit and all, in eighty locations around Manchester including on a bus and proceeded to play to the cameras. Afterwards they wrote to the companies or organisations involved and asked for the footage under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Fat Boy Slim, Praise You. A fictional dance troupe set up their boom box outside a movie theatre while real people are lined up to see a movie. They perform a choreographed dance to Praise You, which is filmed by camera operators dressed like Japanese Tourists in the crowd. No one but the dancers and the camera operators know they are making a music video. At one stage the owner of the Movie theatre asks the dance troupe to move on, but the dancers finish their song.

Animated Music Videos:

  • Britney Spears, Break The Ice. Britney is a Japanese animated cartoon character.
  • The White Stripes, Fell in Love With A Girl. Filmed with lego pieces.
  • Fat Freddys Drop, Kora & Katchafire. These Kiwi bands have made animated music videos.

Helpful Links Download a free copy of Music Video 101, a guide to music video making. examples of music videos and also music video making tutorials.