2009 Festival Programme

The 2009  Te Rangitawaea Festival will be held on Wednesday 16thSeptember in Ruatoria.

DAY PROGRAMME – Ngata Memorial College, Ruatoria

8.45am    Whakatau

9.15am    Expo Opens
Schools to set up for ICT Team Challenge
Guitar Hero Briefing

9.30am    ICT Team Challenge Briefing (teachers are allowed 5 minutes with students then must leave)
Guitar hero Begins

9.45am    Challenge Begins

11.00am    Guest Speaker Workshop Begins
J Williams & Crew

11.30am    Guest Speaker Workshop Ends
Guitar Hero Finals

12.00pm    ICT EXPO Ends
TIWI Nati Internet News

12.30pm    ICT Team Challenge Ends
J Williams & Crew Performance

1.00pm       Presentations from ICT Teams begin

3.00pm       Presentations end

Go and rest for Awards Evening

EVENING PROGRAMME – Uepohatu Hall, Ruatoria

4.30pm    Arrive and be seated

5.00pm    Nati Awards begin

9.30pm    Nati Awards End