Create a short fiction film based on "Nati Hangarau: Technology - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"

• All short fiction films must be no longer than 5 minutes 30 secs including credits.

• Films must be supplied on a) Mini DV tapes or as b) High Quality Quicktime or Avi files. Please download files to DVD, CD, Memory Stick or Mac-Compatible External Hard-drive.


• If you export more than one film to a mini-dv tape, please label the order the films appear in correctly.

Short Film Helpful Advice

What is a short film?

A short film is a visual story that usually has a beginning, a middle and an end. It may have dialogue or like the short film Tama Tu, by Taika Waititi the film may have no speaking in it at all.

How to make a short film?

  • A story usually has a three act structure: The Set Up, The Drama, The Resolution. The NZ Writers Guild website sells a DVD called, Syd Field  which shows you the steps of a 3 Act Structure.
  • Introduce your character, values, the conflict/ objective/ dilemma during the set up.
  • Create a story board. On one side have your script, on the other side draw the visuals.
  • Use the story board to help you shoot your short film.
  • Be inventive and creative when filming your shots.

Examples of short films

  • Two Cars, One nite, & Tama Tu,written & directed by Taika Waititi.
  • Taua, & The Speaker, written & directed by Tearepa Kahi.
  • One Mans War,by Kairangi Productions
  • The Richard Reed Story, by Da Coasties

Helpful Links Also go to YouTube and watch Robert Rodriguezs Ten Minute Film School)  - This website has an extensive collection of NZ made short films and tv dramas.