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2009 ICT Challenge

Teams of four students from the Junior and Senior areas of your school will create a mystery ICT Team Challenge within 2 ¾ hours during the morning (9.45am - 12.30pm).

Between 1.00pm and 2.45pm students will deliver a 5 minute presentation on the mystery topic. (Teams will be drawn out of a hat to determine order of presentation)

Each team will again be provided with a mystery brief that could vary significantly from previous years.

Types of software and applications that you may want to become familiar with are:

• Microsoft PowerPoint
• Microsoft Word
• Microsoft Paint
• Graphic Design programme ie Adobe Photoshop or Indesign, Microsoft Publisher or similar
• Sound Recording Programmes like
- Acid Express (PC software similar to Macs Garageband) download at as well as the free loops. (See youtube for free tutorials)
- Mac’s Garageband
• Audacity Sound Editor Freeware at for sound recording)
You will also need to download and install the “Lame” codec if you wish to export as an MP3
• CD Rom burning software (Most newer laptops will have one installed)
• Video Editing software
• Video production equipment
• External drive (At least a 1gb memory stick)

You will need to have all relevant software installed prior to the festival day.
Please bring your own blank CD/DVD’s for burning.

Every team member doesn’t need to know all of the software or video equipment use. The idea being that each member will contribute to the overall presentation.

Please Note:
You will not be allowed to use any pre recorded videos, photos, and files of any sort. (Except a pre-recorded music file – Please remember copyright issues if you plan on using Music tracks. Most downloaded music has a copyright. We suggest that a student composed music track before the days event would be better or copyright free music. See
If your computers have stored files/photos etc, they must not be used.

Unfortunately any outside assistance from teachers, students, whanau or friends will result in your team being disqualified.

Members of your team may go to the Ruatoria Township for pictures/footage but need to be accompanied by a challenge organiser.

Team Requirements:

• In the Junior teams, two students must be from Year 5 and 6 and two students from Year 7-8 (There will be flexibility for small schools/kura who cannot field a student in each level – We also encourage small schools/kura to combine to make one team.)

• In the Senior teams, two students must be from Year 9-10 and two students from Year 11-13

Equipment Required:

• Laptops (preferably 1 per team member) – 1 needs a DVD Burner and wireless capable.
• Installation of software (Suggest you download Audacity / Acid Express)
• Digital Camera and/or video camera
• Flash Drive (Memory stick)
• Extension cords etc
• Video production equipment (optional)